BE A Healthyways ASSOCIATE
Seven Ways to Earn Income with Healthyways

Retail Sales

Earn profits on the difference the Healthyways Associate price and maximum retail price

Team Repurchase Bonus

Earn a commission of 20% from your own sales and sales volume of your team

Monthly Bonus

Be one of Healthyways top rank earner and receive a portion of a monthly bonus

Rank Bonus

Earn upto 20,000 as additional bonus everytime you fulfill the bonus condition

House Fund

Participate in a 2% worldwide monthly bonus pool

Car Fund

Participate in a 1% worldwide monthly bonus pool


Be awarded with luxury travel, prizes and even cash through generous incentive programs

Health starts with a low-glycemic diet and regular exercice, and it is layered with high-quality, science-based supplements and a commitment to improving everyday
It sounds simple and it is--but its not always easy. When you partner with HEALTHYWAYS, you get support for your healthy lifystyle choices with educational information and a like-minded team that will give you the confidence you need to pursue your health goals

Life begins right outside of your comfort zone. Explore new talents. Challenge yourself. Do something different. Decide to open yourself upto new possibilities and potential. As you develop your business, you will become more confident, and you will see the impact you are making in the lives of others